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A Property Settlement Lawyer Can Fairly Divide Assets

Marital property often extends beyond the family home and vehicles, encompassing debt and non-physical assets including investments and jointly owned businesses. To determine an equitable division of property in a divorce, it is essential to work with a qualified property settlement lawyer who can distribute aspects of the estate, bank accounts, and trusts fairly. Attorney Samera Habib and her legal team have helped couples with complex financial situations come to an amicable solution regarding their assets. Samera has a large network of financial experts at her disposal who can assist with these complicated matters. To discuss your unique case with Samera, contact our Denver, CO, law office today.

Some Examples of Asset Division

Assets considered marital versus separate property

Property Division in Divorce

During divorce proceedings, spouses must divide both physical property and non-physical assets. Our team can help you seek a solution that is beneficial for both parties. 

Common Assets Divided

In a divorce, the most common assets distributed between parties include:

  • Real property, including any and all homes or land owned
  • Personal property, such as vehicles
  • Shared or individual funds, such as bank accounts
  • Retirement or investment accounts
  • Business entities or interests
  • Intellectual property
  • Home furnishings, including small kitchen appliances and furniture
  • Debt

In regards to real and personal property, it does not matter whose name is on the title. If these items were legally acquired and jointly used during marriage, they are considered "marital property." However, assets that were acquired prior to marriage or those that were gifted specifically to one party are considered separate property. Separate property can include items such as inheritance or jewelry.

Division of Complicated Assets

Oftentimes, assets extend past real and personal property, which can make a divorce settlement more complicated. Some couples own a business together or have made multiple joint investments. Many share retirement accounts and have named their spouse as a beneficiary for pension plans and other policies. Samera has extensive knowledge of complex assets, including:

  • Stocks, bonds, and trusts
  • Division of a business
  • Division of any future income earned on assets (such as interest on investments)

If you choose to work with our team at S.H. Law Solutions P.C., we can help devise a comprehensive distribution plan that is beneficial for both parties.

Why You Need a Property Settlement Lawyer

Samera has worked with some of the most complex property division and divorce cases. For each individual case, she works diligently to help both parties achieve an amicable solution. As such, her clients can avoid lengthy and expensive court hearings that can prolong unpleasant divorce proceedings.

Samera and her legal team have helped couples with complex financial situations come to an amicable solution regarding their assets.

We Can Help You Reach an Amicable Solution

If you are facing a divorce and have a complicated financial situation, a qualified property settlement lawyer can help you divide your assets. At S.H. Law Solutions P.C., Samera has an extensive network of financial professionals that will strive to equally and fairly distribute your assets. Contact our law firm online or call us at (720) 749-2876 to discuss your case.

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