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A Spousal Support Lawyer Can Help
Secure or Modify Alimony

Arranging, maintaining, and modifying spousal support or maintenance can be difficult without the right legal representation. As a spousal support or maintenance lawyer, Samera Habib can assist clients in securing the support, or alimony, they need after a divorce and negotiate modifications when necessary. In addition, she can help to ensure that agreed upon payments are made in a timely fashion. Samera works with a network of financial professionals who can evaluate the details of your particular case to determine the best solution. Using this information, Samera can provide her Denver, CO, clients with strong, sound legal counsel. To discuss your case with Samera, contact our practice today.

Spousal support or maintenance law infographic of Colorado
In Colorado, couples generally must be married for three or more years in order to qualify for spousal support or maintenance.

Colorado Spousal Support Laws

In the state of Colorado, couples married less than three years are ineligible for spousal support or maintenance. However, in longer marriages, one spouse will often rely more heavily on financial support from the other. After a divorce, this spouse may be eligible for alimony to help maintain a certain standard of living. Generally speaking, the longer the marriage, the higher the maintenance. Additionally, if one spouse has a significantly higher income than the other, they can expect to pay more in maintenance fees.

In the state of Colorado, couples married less than three years are ineligible for spousal support or maintenance.

It is also worth noting that regardless of spousal support or maintenance, both parties must continue to support any children produced from the relationship. However, a spouse receiving large maintenance payments will typically receive less in child support. Maintenance is considered taxable income under Colorado law.

How a Spousal Support Lawyer Can Help

At S.H. Law Solutions P.C., we strive to ensure that children are supported appropriately. In order to continue to provide for their children, both spouses need a certain level of financial security. If you trust your case to our qualified team, we can carefully evaluate the details of your financial situation to determine fair and appropriate maintenance payments. Depending upon your needs, Samera can also craft a support order that serves to protect your credit.

Over the years, Samera has assembled a network of financial professionals who can provide invaluable assistance in matters of spousal support or maintenance. Together, our team can help you achieve the best possible solution. Alimony amounts are determined by a variety of factors, including the duration of marriage, the standard of living established during marriage, the earning capacity of each spouse, and the financial responsibilities that each parent has toward their child.


If your financial situation has changed since your spousal support or maintenance order was initially established, Samera may be able to help you request a modification. If you are a candidate for modifications of spousal support or maintenance, then the court may consider the following factors:

  • A promotion, raise, or career change
  • A demotion or pay cut
  • Layoff or termination from a job
  • Good faith efforts to obtain comparable employment
  • Remarriage

Spousal support or maintenance can last for an indefinite or definite period of time depending upon the weight of each contributing factor.

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Samera is skilled in all aspects of family law, providing sound legal advice to those with financial or custody cases. If you are currently involved in divorce and spousal support or maintenance proceedings, or if you are seeking a modification, contact our law firm online or call us at (720) 749-2876 to schedule a consultation with Samera.

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